Under a 3-year pilot, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) announced that a Fostering Agency would be set up under the newly appointed MCYC Community Services Society to broaden foster family outreach and recruitment efforts in raising awareness of the need for foster parents.  The Fostering Agency will actively look at recruiting new sets of foster parents throughout the year and provide the relevant support to foster parents to extend better care for their foster children in areas such as counselling and training.  One of the main objectives of the Fostering Scheme is to provide a familial-based care option for children in care to grow in a safe environment with a full experience of family life and to reach their potential.

The Fostering Agency will work with foster parents and foster children to ensure a smooth integration of the children into their foster families. The Fostering Agency’s Social Workers would provide the essential case support along with a holistic range of practical services to the foster families and conduct thorough assessment of prospective foster parents within the community.  They would also look at enhancing the capability of the foster parents to equip them as they look after the needs of foster children and young persons.

Come September 2015, the Fostering Agency at MCYC will begin its work in recruiting more foster parents and supporting them as well as their foster children in their various needs through care and case supervision.

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