Providing quality programmes and services to all children, youth, parents and their families, of all language, race and religion and nurturing each family member in body, mind and spirit.


The objectives of the Society are to help children, youths and parents of all language, race and religion, especially from dysfunctional, disadvantaged and needy families, to:

• Develop their potential to the fullest
• Enjoy a balanced family life
• Become responsible and caring family members, and
• Become useful members of society


Our organisation was formerly known as the Methodist Children and Youth Centre, which was instituted in late-2001. It was, then, a joint project of Barker Road Methodist Church and the Methodist Welfare Services. The formation of the new entity was the result of significant growth in our programmes and services. It remains affiliated to Barker Road Methodist Church.

“MCYC” is the acronym for the “Methodist Children and Youth Centre”. As the acronym is familiar to our clients and industry partners, it was decided that the new entity be called the “MCYC Community Services Society” to maintain this familiarity and link the new entity to our past.


We believe that children and youths should be given every opportunity to:

  • Discover their potential and strengths
  • Overcome any challenges that hinder the development of their potential
  • Have a stable family environment that aids their development
  • Relate meaningfully with their family members, and
  • Become useful members of their community

We believe that parents play a vital role to help children and youths develop to their fullest potential. Parents can play this role well by having the right understanding and skills to work with their children and teenagers.

We also believe that, where necessary, we need to work with the community and the established system in society to help children, youths and their parents, to overcome difficult challenges in their lives.

The logo symbolises our belief and hope for all families. The house represents a home that everyone should have. The hand-drawn house signifies the effort needed to build the home. It also tells us that the home is not perfect. Nevertheless, it can be a cheerful one, as represented by the colour yellow.

The boxes represent the family members in the home. We recognise that each family member is unique and different just like the different sizes and colours of each box.

The hand-drawn boxes reflect the imperfections of each family member. We believe everyone has to work on their own imperfections.

The boxes are also not perfectly fitted next to each other. This tells us that everyone must accept each other’s imperfections. Everyone must also play their part to support each other. This helps to foster harmony and close relationships in the family. Despite all the imperfections, we believe that everyone in the family can be happy as seen in the bright colours of the boxes.