By Sylvia Zhang & Luke Yan, Youth Outreach Centre

November 2016

During the September school holiday, youths from MCYC Youth Centre and students from BVPS Student Care Centre were transformed into explorers of the sea for a day, as they were hosted by Barclays on a memorable excursion to the RWS S.E.A Aquarium.

The journey started at the Maritime Experiential Museum, which transported our young explorers to the trading port environment of Singapore in the early 1900’s, where they got to experience the sights and sounds of a bustling bazaar.

Boarding a ‘sailing ship’ into the 360o multimedia Typhoon Theatre simulator, our explorers experienced the perils of being on a ship hit by a typhoon. It was an eye-opening experience for all, since none of them had ever experienced anything like that before.

The journey brought them into the exhibitions of the Straits of Karimata and Java, where they saw a ‘shipwreck’, around which a coral reef for sea animals to thrive on had formed. The display of rays, batfish, eels, sharks and tigerfish was truly awe-inspiring.

Our explorers were then transported 20,000 leagues under the sea in a gallery. There, they were brought up close and personal with Leopard Sharks, Mahi Mahi, Saw Fish and Goliath Groupers.

The journey continued with the captivating world of sea jellies, where they were mesmerised by the electrifying and pulsating dances of these translucent sea creatures.

The day’s adventure rounded up at the Discovery Touch Pool, which gave our explorers an interactive sensory learning experience with Sea Stars, Pencil Sea Urchins and Sea Cucumbers.

It was a truly memorable and enjoyable day of exploration for our youths and staff alike, and it provided a meaningful time of learning together to kick off the week-long school break.

This event was made possible by Barclays’ continued efforts to give back to the community during their Annual Corporate Family Day Celebration. Chaperons from Barclays also joined our participants for the event.