About Us

MCYC has been managing the Therapeutic Group Home, HomeSweetHome@Admiralty, located in Sembawang, since July 2013. This is a pilot project in partnership with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).  The treatment Home uses Trauma Systems Therapy (TST) as the treatment model to help children who display severe behavioural problems, having experienced complex trauma and attachment issues.

Stories & Testimonies

“‘Hi, I’m Shawn and I work at a therapeutic home for traumatised children.’ That never ceases to capture the attention of the house whenever I am asked to introduce myself. With Home Sweet Home being a pioneer of therapeutic homes in Singapore, I am always proud to tell others more should they ask about what I do.

The work environment is beautiful. I remembered being blown away when I first saw the premises; tucked away in a quieter area of Singapore and surrounded by the tranquillity of nature, it was easy for both the children and me to call it home.

My primary job involves taking care of the children daily necessities, mentoring them, and assisting them to form secure attachments. Though they can be a joy to handle, at times they may ‘act up’ due to triggers from their trauma history that I am unable to elaborate due to confidentiality reasons. The child’s outbursts could range anywhere from cussing to becoming physically aggressive, which truly can push anyone to the brink of his or her limits. But it takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow, and the feeling is priceless when you see the growth in each of them.”

Mr Shawn Yeo, Former Residential Care Worker

“I did my social work internship with HomeSweetHome@Admiralty (HSH) and I would like to share my experience. In my two months of internship, I learnt about the challenges faced by children with trauma history and their caregivers. The children need plenty of attention and care which is provided in the home. HSH uses positive reinforcements and praises to teach new behaviours which create a nurturing and supportive environment for the children. The staff at HSH also forms a therapeutic relationship with the child and teach them coping strategies to manage their emotions. I’m impressed by the work done to protect the children and having their best interests in mind and I’m thankful for the opportunity to do my internship with HSH.”

Mr Jeremy Kiu, Social Work Intern (UniSIM), MCYC Staff, SCC@BVPS