About Us

iPEAK, which stands for Intervention and Psycho-Educational Assessment for Kids, is our re-named Literacy Centre. This name reflects more accurately the specialised services made available to the community.

Literacy Intervention Programme
  • Provides comprehensive quality specialist intervention for students who are experiencing difficulties in their literacy skills. These students have a variety of learning needs that make it difficult for them to read, write and spell.
  • We serve the following students:
    • Preschoolers (4 to 6 year-old) with language delay and are at risk of developing reading difficulties.
    • Primary 1 to Primary 6 mainstream students who have language and literacy difficulties. These language and literacy difficulties could be due to learning issues such as Dyslexia, Specific Language Impairment, Low Average IQ and Attention Deficit.
  • The Orton-Gillingham (OG) Approach is our predominant pedagogy in our literacy intervention programme. Over the last 50 years, the OG approach has been the most influential intervention approach designed expressively for helping dyslexic and other learning needs students develop their literacy skills.  Features of the OG approach:
    • Simultaneous multi-sensory
    • Repetition to enhance automaticity
    • Direct and explicit instruction
    • Systematic/structured/sequential/cumulative
    • Diagnostic-prescriptive teaching
  • Features of iPEAK:
    • Small-group teaching (maximum 4 students to 1 teacher)
      Class size is kept small to maximize learning opportunities.  The students are grouped according to similar learning profiles and needs.
    • Differentiated instruction
      The students in each class are given differentiated tasks to strengthen their individual areas of weakness.
    • Close monitoring of each student’s progress
      Each student’s progress is monitored during his weekly lessons.  His / Her progress in reading and spelling at single word level as well as his receptive vocabulary knowledge is also measured every six months during normed tests.
      An annual progress report on each student is given at the end of the academic year that outlines the curriculum covered and his progress in the various skills developed.
Mathematics Intervention Programme
  • Helps students establish foundation in early numeracy and basic mathematical concepts
  • Equips them with learning strategies so they can apply mathematical skills to daily living
  • Empowers children to problem-solve mathematical sums with confidence
  • Age range from 5 to 10 years
  • Features of classes at iPEAK
    • Small group teaching (maximum 3 students to 1 teacher)
    • Specialised intervention according to child’s needs
    • Multisensory
    • Concrete to abstract approach
    • Progressive and cumulative
    • Analytical approach in developing child’s executive functioning skills
    • Relevant life skills
  • STAR behavioural modification intervention programme helps 4 to 12 year old children with challenging behaviours
  • Seeks to help children cope with their challenging behaviours, inattention/impulsive issues, social and emotional difficulties
  • Strives to equip parents with positive parenting skills in managing their children’s challenging behaviours at home and in other settings
Psychological Services
  • Our team of psychologists provide screening, assessment and intervention programmes for children with developmental and behavioural issues
  • Psychological assessments are conducted for children and youths in the areas of cognitive assessment, achievements assessments and Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder
Kids Club

Kids Club is a subsidiary outreach programme of iPEAK.  Its purpose is to give children in the community more opportunities to use the English language in their communication, to learn good moral values and to strengthen their socio-emotional skills.


  • KidsREAD programme
    • Part of a nationwide reading programme that promotes the love for reading and cultivates good reading habits among young Singaporeans
    • Targets children from 4 to 8 years of age

Stories & Testimonies

Five years ago, my son Linus was referred to MCYC for their Literacy Intervention programme because he had considerable difficulties in literacy and was lagging behind his peers. He had to attend sessions twice a week. At the beginning, he resisted attending classes by crying and refusing to cooperate. However, the staff at the Centre was encouraging and never gave up on him. They would calm him down, and that could take half an hour.

As for me, I worked towards a partnership with just about anyone who could help bring out the best in him. I prayed and asked God to show me the way. It was not easy but on this journey, we were blessed that Linus has shown so much improvement.  He is now able to spell and read through the Literacy Intervention programme, which uses the Orton-Gillingham approach. Linus has benefitted so much from attending classes at iPEAK; he has become more resilient in facing challenges and is now more open to sharing his problems with me.

Not only does iPEAK teach children literacy skills, but they also organise other activities such as excursions and workshops under Kids Club. They also conduct social-character building classes to teach children values and social skills. It is through this community of support that Linus gets to learn and grow with kids that face similar learning issues. I have also met other parents in iPEAK, and as we share about our struggles, we also encourage one another.

Linus and I have also benefitted from the screenings that take place once every six months, as it keeps us informed of how to help support Linus on his learning journey. When I face any difficulties or doubts, I can approach the staff at the Centre, and they always take the time to help me. Sometimes, if you look at children with learning needs, they do teach us more than we teach them. Why do I say so? It is only through my dear son that I have learnt to give unconditional love, let go of our worldly expectations, and look at the process and not just the end results.

Thank you, MCYC and the wonderful staff at iPEAK, for your unwavering support.”

Mrs Yong, Linus’ Mummy

“My husband and I are very pleased with Samuel’s progress since he started the literacy programme at MCYC.  Samuel enjoys the lessons, which are interactive and fun.

Thank you, Teacher Rebecca, for your patience and effort!”

Parents of Samuel Tan, iPEAK Student

“I discovered MCYC Community Services Society through the SGCares volunteering portal in 2013 and started volunteering with them in their ‘Say No to Gambling’ roadshows in schools. I was also involved in their after-school care at one of MCYC’s Student Care Centres during the school holiday to help with the children’s homework.  As I believe that reading is important to a young person’s development, I went on to be trained as a KidsRead volunteer. Through MCYC’s regular volunteer emails, I found out that MCYC has a kidsREAD club under iPEAK. I have been with them for a year now, and I enjoy my time with the children despite the challenges of getting to know a child and motivating him or her to read with me. The experience is very enriching as it requires patience, empathy, and most importantly, respect for the child. At KidsRead, we encourage the children to share their life experiences.  It could be as simple as what they saw and felt during a recent family outing. We encourage them to befriend and read to one another. Reading is more than recognising the words on the pages as it requires the child to personally relate to the story. Therefore, we try to make the story come alive to spark their imagination. We hope that through this process the children can develop a love for reading.”

Mr Tan Swee Chiew, Volunteer