Student Care Centres

About Us

MCYC manages two Student Care Centres located at Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) and Bukit View Primary School. Staff members provide after-school care for students whose working parents are unable to be at home to look after them. Together with volunteers, the staff members help students in their studies as well as provide wholesome activities to engage them.

“It is indeed a blessing to have a Student Care Centre within the school compounds. For almost 6 years, I have always been assured of my son’s safety, convenience and overall welfare. As a working mother, I also benefitted from the arrangement when MCYC was always opened during school holidays, when meals and activities were catered for. Thank you so much MCYC! Keep up the good work!” Mrs Lena Soo, Parent of Samuel, ACS(P) Student

“MCYC has played a big part in helping Michelle* in her homework assignments by making it a point that all her homework is to be done on time. She has also been applying what she has learnt from school, through the staff’s daily coaching. She is more responsible now and has improved a lot. Thanks MCYC, for all your guidance and support.” Parent of Michelle (Names have been changed to protect the individual's privacy.)